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MSD clinical trials

Our clinical trials are helping doctors, researchers, and patients learn about possible vaccine and treatment options to help against this global pandemic.

Keep reading to discover how you or a loved one may qualify to take part in one of our clinical trials.

Explore MSD's COVID-19 Clinical Trials

We are enrolling for different types of COVID-19 clinical trials. Choose a trial from the list below that may be right for you.

Why take part in a clinical trial?

If you sign up, are qualified and decide to take part:

  • voltunary to join and your information and privacy will be maintained Taking part is voluntary and you are free to stop at any time. Your privacy will be protected throughout the trial.
  • no cost to participate and study medication is no charge There is no cost to take part and you will receive all trial treatments and trial-related doctor visits at no cost.
  • an experienced study team will monitor how you do An experienced trial team will watch your health.
  • by joining you may help advance medical research about covid-19 Your participation may help researchers learn more about COVID-19 and may help others.

The trial staff at the site will talk with you about other possible risks and benefits of taking part.

About MSD's COVID-19 Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives. Our company is one of the select few to continue developing both vaccines and treatments, so we have a special duty to help the global community.

Some of our goals with COVID-19 research are to find treatments that:

  • May help patients recover faster
  • May reduce COVID-19 symptoms
  • Could protect against COVID-19 infection

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